By providing remote bookkeeping for our clients our aim is to provide added value alongside other services, save the client money and the risks associated with recruiting part time accounts staff.


Any small business whether a sole trader, limited company, charity or social enterprise will need to ensure that it keeps accurate records of it’s income and expenditure. If you avoid keeping good records you are likely to pay far more for your accountancy services than you should. In addition you will not be in control of your business and may start to run into difficulties as your business grows.

By employing a part time bookkeeper you can save the short term pain of having to do this yourself and the longer term pain of paying additional accountancy fees later down the line when submitting your annual return or statutory accounts.

How can we help?

We provide remote bookkeeping services. This means that we don’t need to be located at your premises, which could result in additional cost of equipment and desk space. We can in effect act as your dedicated finance team. Because we are not on site at your premises for part of the week we can provide a full time service at a fraction of the cost. Typically, you might employ someone say for 1 day a week depending on your needs.

This means that for the other 4 days you don’t have anyone to answer questions, issues invoices or talk to creditors or debtors. By using our services we can be accessible during weekday office hours to you and those who need to interact with your business from a finance perspective.

Are we Accountants?

We are experienced bookkeepers which is not the same as being Certified Accountants or Chartered Management Accountants. We are qualified to undertake your bookkeeping but you will need an Accountant to compile your statutory accounts each year and provide advice on matters such as taxation.

We can however connect you with one of our trusted suppliers if you are looking to find or change your accountant.

Talk to us

If you are looking for a bookkeeper for up to 2 days per week then talk to us. If you aren’t sure about how long it might take we can give you a clearer understanding of this when we talk about your business with you.


If you employ us as your bookkeeping clerk we will undertake the following for you.

  • Enter all financial transactions into a compliant accounting package
  • Reconcile your business banking with our records to ensure nothing is missed
  • Complete and submit your VAT returns to HMRC if you require
  • Help you manage your cash flow effectively Provide you with monthly management accounts showing your profit and loss performance and helping you keep on top of your business
  • Managing your credit control to ensure you are getting paid by your customers Issuing invoices and statements to customers
  • Keeping physical files which can be handed to your accountant along with your software records at year end
  • Fielding calls from debtors and creditors where required
  • We can provide an optional designated telephone line which will become your accounts department number.
  • We can answer this with your company name.

Other optional services can be provided and discussed with our team at any time.  Longer term undertakings with clients may be subject to discounted rates.  Ask us for more details.

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More Information

C21 Accounting & Payroll Solutions Ltd is part of the C21 Group of Companies.  C21 Accounting & Payroll Ltd is a company limited by shares.

Registration Number 06538192.

25b Napier Court, Gander Lane, Barlborough, Chesterfield, S43 4PZ

0114 3830336

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm


We have been supported by C21 now for a number of years in a bookkeeping capacity.  They have worked alongside our existing staff providing training, support and oversight.  They have also worked closely with our accountant along the way.  We highly recommend them to any smaller business.


> Small Business Owner



Comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing Bureau, offering bespoke payroll services for small and medium sized organisations throughout the UK.


Fully integrated auto enrolment pensions scheme set-up and administration.  We can take you through the process step by step.


We work alongside intermediaries such as accountants to provide white label options for delivering payroll services to their clients.


We provide part time bookkeeping services for clients who want to outsource this function without the additional costs of accountancy.


We can bring our experience of payroll and bookkeeping to your business through training and consultancy.


We offer strategic partnerships with ambitious franchises who want to strengthen their offer to their franchisees.


Here are just some of the reasons why we think you should choose C21 when considering outsourcing payroll. We are a well established professsional payroll provider.  We offer a comprehensive service which satisfies both the needs and the wants of our clients.  We pride ourselves on excellent service quality with impressive and consistent accuracy levels.

We save you time by dealing with the issues and problems that invariably arise when dealing with HMRC, The Pensions Regulator and payroll in general.  We have a wealth of knowledge acccumulated over many years which would far surpass that of most internal accounts staff.  We are a small family run company who pride oursevles on providing a friendly and personal service unlike larger providers with call centres.

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C21 Group of Companies
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Telephone: 0114 383 0336


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C21 Accounting & Payroll Solutions Ltd
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