By providing both consultancy and training we can equip our clients who want to assess the strength and weaknesses of their internal systems and processes and create positive change.


You don’t have to be a payroll client to engage with us.  We have had approaches from companies looking to assess and strengthen their internal systems and processes as they relate to bookkeeping and payroll functions.  In practice this means that we are engaged for a short period only to undertake the initial assessment and review.  We may then get involved in helping to implement change where this is considered to be the best course of action for the client.

Example 1 : Payroll Outsourcing Readiness

If you are not sure that your business is ready to outsource payroll then this might be appropriate.  It’s unlikely to apply to micro or smaller businesses where any hurdles can be relatively easily overcome in the set up process.  It is more likely to apply to larger businesses who work across multiple sites who may or may not be working with another payroll provider.

In this instance the purpose of the assignment would be to examine how the existing payroll process works from new starters onwards.  The outcome will be a series of recommendations to improve internal process quality and consistency (regardless of any decision to outsource in the future).

Example 2 : Bookkeeping Training

We are experienced bookkeepers and can help to sure up or support the development of your internal team aside from providing interim bookkeeping support which we can also do.

In this example we might be asked to review the bookkeeping process and provide recommendations for improving bookkeeping practice.  This might be anything from making better use of accounting software to rethinking data security and filing systems.

We can then provide intensive support for staff to ensure that any recommendations are implemented effectively.

Talk to us

If you are considering engaging some external advice why not give us a call for a free no obligation discussion with one of our team.  From there we can decide together how best to proceed.


Some reasons we think we would make an excellent consulting option:

  • Over 20 years’ experience working on financial management in operational settings within small businesses, social enterprises and charities.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Sage Accounting and other software.
  • Flexible support with short term committment required if this is what is needed.
  • Backed up by our Principal Consultant who has over 20 years experience of managment and business consultancy, dealing in organisational strategy and change management.
  • Competitive fees which compare well alongside accountancy fees.

Other optional services can be provided and discussed with our team at any time.  Longer term undertakings with clients may be subject to discounted rates.  Ask us for more details.

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C21 Account & Payroll Solutions Ltd is part of the C21 Group of Companies.  C21 Accounting & Payroll Ltd is a company limited by shares Registration Number 06538192.

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Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm


We have been supported by C21 now for a number of years in a bookkeeping capacity.  They have worked alongside our existing staff providing training, support and oversight.  They have also worked closely with our accountant along the way.  We highly recommend them to any smaller business.


> Small Business Owner



Comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing Bureau, offering bespoke payroll services for small and medium sized organisations throughout the UK.


Fully integrated auto enrolment pensions scheme set-up and administration.  We can take you through the process step by step.


We work alongside intermediaries such as accountants to provide white label options for delivering payroll services to their clients.


We provide part time bookkeeping services for clients who want to outsource this function without the additional costs of accountancy.


We can bring our experience of payroll and bookkeeping to your business through training and consultancy.


We offer strategic partnerships with ambitious franchises who want to strengthen their offer to their franchisees.


Here are just some of the reasons why we think you should choose C21 when considering outsourcing payroll. We are a well established professsional payroll provider.  We offer a comprehensive service which satisfies both the needs and the wants of our clients.  We pride ourselves on excellent service quality with impressive and consistent accuracy levels.

We save you time by dealing with the issues and problems that invariably arise when dealing with HMRC, The Pensions Regulator and payroll in general.  We have a wealth of knowledge acccumulated over many years which would far surpass that of most internal accounts staff.  We are a small family run company who pride oursevles on providing a friendly and personal service unlike larger providers with call centres.

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